Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cold but joyful

This morning it was 10* when we got up and our high isn't suppose to be very much from where we are right now.  We are suppose to get into the negative temperatures for the next few days......I LOVE winter but not when it is this cold.  It took me an hour yesterday to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  We made a trip to the store last night for a few things and my face got so cold!  Can we say wind blown and chapped?  It is better this morning but there is no way I'm going out to shovel this morning.  If we all do it as a family it takes less time so we will do that.  I will however have to venture out and at least start my car.

The holidays around here are looking to be pretty quiet.  I think it is needed for our family right now.  From marching band, sickness and some church things, that have not all been good, it is time to rest.  I want things to be different this year.  I don't want to get caught up in the 'got to have' something under the tree.  I want gifts to mean something when they are given, not just more stuff.  I want people to realize that it isn't about how much money is being spent on a gift but the attitude of the heart it comes from.  For me it has never been about money ever.  I am one that is happy with family close, cooking meals together, hanging out laughing until our sides hurt.......that is what it is about, always.

I have been following a beautiful lady on a journey that has led to some seriously beautiful things, Melody Ross.  She and her sister stepped out into a dream of wanting to see women rise up and be brave.  You can read their story here, it is pretty awesome.  The online class Soul Restoration, they will be offering in January is at the top of my youngest daughter and I's wish list this year.  We try each year  to do something together that brings us closer and I really believe this online class will do just that.  My dream is to take her to a Brave girls Mother/Daughter camp before she graduates high school.  The camps sell out a year in advance so for now this class will have to do.  Go visit the Brave girls sight, it might just change your life.  I KNOW it has changed mine!! 

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Brave Girls' said...

Hi, there! It's late and I was just bouncing around some blogs and came across yours...and found your post that mentions Brave Girls Club! I just wanted to say 'hello' and thank you for your sweet words about Brave Girls...and tell you that we're so honored!! I love your post about the holidays...you and I think a lot alike. I like simple holidays, too, with lots of loved ones and laughter. Anyway, we haven't met so I hope it's okay that I leave this comment. Happy Thanksgiving!! -- kathy :)