Monday, September 27, 2010


Two girls that are best friends, they are so much alike it is scary. 
They are already making plans to go on a road trip after graduation, they want to be in each others weddings, to live somewhere around each other so there husbands can be friends too and they want to have babies around the same time so there kids will be friends.  Big thoughts and Big dreams!  I want it to work out for them both BUT right now we are just working on Homecoming.

We went shopping Sunday afternoon to a local thrift store for Homecoming dresses........spent $23.00 on 4!  Yes, you read it correctly $23.00 for 4 dresses.  Gotta LOVE 60% off sales!!  Then each girl found one's that were a little more expensive at $15 and $20, grand total for 6.....$58.00 plus $10 for shoes. Not bad I say! These two even wear the same size dress and can share each of them.

Now deciding which dress will be worn first, hair style and all the other lovely stuff.  They have both decided to take each other and have fun without the pressure of their first dates.  My handsome husband wants to chaperon the dance so he can take them.....dang it.....need to find him something to wear!   

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