Monday, September 20, 2010


A little more sewing to add to the list of things done.  I've wanted to finish these for a long time, they make me so happy.  I LOVE these potholders!  I made a few for my girls years ago and now finally have my own.  They are nice and thick and you only have one seam all the way around, which it makes really easy for anyone to create.  Darn it, I didn't put my coffee one in the picture.  Table runners have to be the best things for scraps of fabric and using scraps makes me feel good instead of throwing them all away.
My other big project that I have started on is making jean rag quilts for each of my children.  I have been saving my husband's jeans for years(with a few of the kids pairs thrown in) and it is time to start cutting them up.  I do believe that it is going to be time consuming!!  At least it is a start to getting one more box of stuff out of the garage ;o)  Now, if I can just learn to use my scraps of paper like my scraps of fabric, it will all be good!  Speaking of using scraps of paper it is almost time for the LOAD challenge!  You can find out more information here.  Hope you decide to join us, it is always alot of fun.

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