Friday, September 17, 2010

A bit of creating

As I am learning to be alone, learning to enjoy the company of myself and the company of silence, I have been spending less on my scrapbooking and craft supplies by shopping in my garage.  I realize that sounds funny and it is even funnier to say but it is happening.  It all started this spring with Shimelle's class, Something for nothing.  It started to feel good to start to get out of the habit of purchasing the next and best thing.  I started to evaluate what works well for me in my space, the things I use most often and the things I don't use at all.  As I am going through things my pile of I need to get rid of stuff is growing, it feels so good!

While shopping in my garage I am finding things I have wanted to do for me.  These are just a few of the things I have been up to.  In exactly two weeks it will be October 1 and time for a Layout a Day Challenge soooo keep a look out for what I'm doing. 

A $1 frame from Michael's painted with Claudine Helmuth paints.  Then I added some rubons and matching bling.  I have got to have a cute frame for the gorgeous Grandbabies of mine!!  Then a little painted birdhouse complete with crackle painted roof and buttons.
Then we have a quilt I am sorry to say it has taken me 23 years to finish.  I started it for my daughter Nicole before she was even born, now that it is finished it will be given to her to give to my Granddaugher Sage.

More to come later on!

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