Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What do you see?

Beauty is all around us, most of the time we have to slow down long enough to enjoy it.  This summer I am glad I was able to do that so I didn't miss this in my garden.  What did you see this summer that you will never forget?

On my trip to Nebraska we had a chance to go to the zoo.  One of my most favorite places was the butterfly garden, it was so peaceful.  I enjoyed every little butterfly.  I was really hoping one would land on me or my daughter Michaela but no such luck.  When you first go in to the garden you step into this closed off little room with sliding doors on each side.  They only take a few people at a time because the garden can get pretty crowded.  You are told to watch for butterflies on the path so you don't step on them. 

It was also intersting that there were bird baths filled with fruit and honey water.  The butterflies love these.  Then when you leave, again you are asked to step inside a little room. This time however it is full of mirrors so you can do a butterfly check.


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