Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Don't miss it!

I LOVE it when you have one of those days that you feel no one is really listening to you.  This past Saturday was one of those days for me.  The BIG thing for me was that morning I read this on the Brave Girls website. Melody was talking about being reminded that in our life we get to choose to bloom in the midst of the rocks. I thought it was interesting and I have been there many times in my life.  Then God reaches down and says, "I see you. I am aware you are hurting. I am right here making sure you realize how much I love you".    

That is what happened when I was out on our family hike and I didn't really want to go hiking where the rest of the family wanted to go.  I really had the I don't want to be doing this but I will anyway attitude.  Then I looked and I found these........flowers in the midst of all the rocks. 

Then in the middle of the rocks where we were walking my son saw this one.........a heart.  These two things really made me change my attitude.  I realized I was being seen and it made the world a better place because I slowed down enough to REALLY see.  That God took the time to single me out just when I needed it the most.  So take some time in the coming weeks to slow down long enough and look around.  You will be pleasantly surprised like I was in what you find or what He leaves for you.   

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