Monday, September 06, 2010

The last weekend

It has been a good 6 days not to mention a good weekend.  Fall has arrived, the nights are cooler....time for another blanket on the bed , the days are perfect with light breezes and the only draw back is it is getting darker at makes you think you should be already in bed and it is only 8pm.

We took some time on Saturday and did some hiking around the river that runs straight through town.  One of the wonders of this area is you have the woods within just a 15 minute drive.  It really was the perfect day, one I will not soon forget.

A friend of mine this summer helped me to move my Clematis from the side of the garage to its new home in the rock garden.  It was so emotionally hard to cut it so far back but I am happy to report that it is growning!  I am looking forward to seeing it next spring.

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