Saturday, August 04, 2007

Have you ever just had one of those NOT so productive days? That was me yesterday! I had so many best laid plans to blog but when I sat down I was somehow taken away to do anything but what I wanted to do.
So today has been a good day. I had my cup of coffee with creamer and splenda, then got dressed into jeans. BIG step for me because I LOVE my sweatpants even in summer time. I headed out to our dreaded garage which is basically a glorified storage area. If it was EVER to fit a car inside I would be totally amazed!! We get into this habit of not putting things away, then we make the excuses why we can't go out and clean. From it being to hot, to cold or we have more important things to do. For me it comes down to we have been spending WAY to much time in front of the tv, so enough is enough. We are going to get a few things done and there are a few people in my house that aren't to happy about it.
So the garage is clean.......I don't remember it every having a floor or at least one that I can see!! Two other BIG things got done, an old propaine bottle had it's bottom cut off, to make a LARGE windchime/bell(which has been talked about for years) and we made a new lattice gate at the top of our deck. This has been so needed since we got our Chocolate lab Rosie, who loves to jump over the little gate onto the deck then sleep on a chair that is there. Last weekend we got some 'new to us' furniture so we moved our larger couch that was inside, outside onto the covered deck. It is turning out to be a nice place to escape to read of write. I will have to figure out something for an outdoor winter cover so it doesn't get ruined. There is only one more small project that I want to get done later this evening after everyone has a nice rest. Then I will be happy that the house will be ready for my daughter and her girlfriend. They are coming to visit for a few days this week from Nebraska.
Back to my resting and reading my new magazine Homegrown Hospitality!!

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