Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well my doctor, the sweet one that she, is called me at 7:30pm last night. She asked if I had heard from the oncologist about my biopsy results, 'no, I said'. To which she answered 'I have the results right here. Would you like to know what they are?' Well, duh!! lol You have to understand that my doctor is incredible, she LOVES us and she was soooo excited to see the news, she just couldn't wait to tell me. Nothing like complete service. My 'tumor' is benign!! God is so incredibly wonderful!! I'm happy, relieved and thanking God for His love for me!! Now I wait to hear from the surgeon, to see when we can schedule to have this lump taken out.
I can tell you, in something like this, that your life takes on new meaning. You can get back to life but you aren't the same person, you find yourself changed. You look and think about things differently. You stop making lousy excuses for why you haven't done certain things. You realize time isn't to be waisted. Was this the lesson? To show me how strong my faith is and to see who I really am? Even to help me from making lousy excuses? I think I have only begun to see what this all means.
So here is to precious time and not taking it for granted. To leaving the lousy excuses behind and getting on with life. A life that leaves the bad stuff of the past, behind right where it belongs.


Stampin n da Hood said...

Doin the happy dance!!!!

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Jenn said...

Praise God for the clear biopsy results!!!!!!