Saturday, August 11, 2007

The days seem to get away from you when you have company. Your house is turned upside down, only for you to realize how much you are used to having order in your house.
My DH took our oldest daughter and a couple of hers friends on an over night hike last night. My two younger children wanted to spend the night at my parents house. So you guessed it, I was by myself for the evening. Totally odd to have an evening to myself. I ended up going over to a girlfriend's house to help her get started on organizing her scrapbookroom. Then I stopped at my local grocery store and picked up a good Chicken Caesar Salad. I just didn't feel like cooking for myself or heating up leftovers.
Well, the house will go from being quiet to being loud, as soon as everyone gets home. I'm going to try to get a move on, on cleaning off my scrapbook table! Just because it is in the familyroom people think they can pile their stuff on it.....frustrating!! Especially when you want to scrapbook!!

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