Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When you are a child you hope and pray you never have to face bad things. You have the attitude that certain things won't happen to you. Then you know what happens? You grow up to realize that everyone faces bad things in their lives. Sometimes you have a measure of control but in most cases there isn't any way to control your given situation.

A few weeks ago I went with my instinct and a light push from Ali Edwards to go in and have my thyroid rechecked. I had, had an ultra sound done on it in the spring and from what I was feeling it seemed to have gotten bigger. My doctor set me up for another ultra sound within a couple of days of seeing her. The imagining office that I went to, was so on top things that they got the results back to my doctor the same day. I loved the fact that she called to talk to me after hours, but not because there was something drastically wrong. I was impressed that she cared enough to take her own time to call me. There are not many doctors in the world these days that would do that.

So I'm glad I went with my instinct. It has grown slightly in width but especially in length. The ultra sound shows that it is one mass, which is good. My doctor forwarded my information to the oncologist so I could have a needle biopsy done. That appointment was yesterday, now we just wait to see how to proceed. My oncologist said that because it is pressing on my larynx that I will want to have it removed. Yes, I have thought about the dreaded 'c' word and even talked with the doctor about it. The oncologist said that with it being solid that in most cases it is benign. With half of my thyroid being removed we will see if the right side will pick up the slack from the left. If not I will have to be on medication.

All in all I'm arming myself with information and making sure I have many prayers going up. I am peaceful, calm and thankful that God has everything under His control. This is something I can't control. I LOVE how God surrounds me with special people in my life that help to raise my faith. They help me to keep my eyes on Him, the one who made me and knowns every step that I am going to take in my life.

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melissa said...

I am praying for you.