Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What is the meaning in a name, mainly your name? I was tagged a few days ago to talk about the meaning of my name.

Here is what I found:
Pronounced: JEW-al/JU-el
Orgin: Old French
Meaning: Plaything, delight, joy
Literal meaning: Precious gem
Given name may derive from it's use as a term of affection
826th most popular name

What I KNOW personally about my name: My Great Great Grandfather's last name was Jule. He and my Grandmother came over from Denmark. They never had any boys to carry on the family name so the name was passed on as a middle name. I in turn have passed it onto my oldest daughter as a middle name. I hope she will keep the tradition.

So what do you know about your name?


casual friday everyday said...

what a wonderful meaning! :)


Anonymous said...

My mother's name was Juel. She was named after her mother's favorite english teacher.

My mom died 25 years ago tomorrow. I was missing her, so was doing a search on google out of longing, and found your blog.

My mom was a virgo, as well, born September 16.

Anyway, I love the name are lucky to have such a beautiful name.