Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeling Good

I am feeling good about the pages I am getting done this month.  They are making me so happy and I can feel myself getting lighter.  One more thing done, one more story told.  It is interesting how when I get one memory down on a scrapbook page that another one comes to mind.

Day 8, One page no photos.  I love how this page turned out!  A set of stickers I have had for a long time to go into my daughter's baby book.  All the things that were going in the year she was born.

Day 9, Put everything you have learned onto a page.  Simple story today.

Day 10, Bare bones layout-photos and journaling only.  I had to put some kind of embellishment, just couldn't leave it.

Day 11, Choose a story to tell then think about the elements for your page.  I love this memory.

Day 12, Choose product you love.  Happy photos with paper that I LOVE!  Little miss personality.

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