Friday, August 09, 2013

A little bit of heart

I have a little secret of my heart...I am almost 49 years old and when I have terribly rough days I have been known to snuggle with one of my Teddy Bears.

It all started with this little guy when I was just learning to walk.  He doesn't quite look all fluffy and new these days.  Oh the adventures we have been on and the secrets he has been told.

Then there is this big guy.  I swear he was bigger than I was but special all the same.  I was sad the day he wouldn't fit in the car when we were moving.

Then I met and married my husband.  He is the biggest bear of all but it is nice to have something fluffy every once in awhile.  So every now and again he would get me a bear.  This one he gave to me when we found out we were going to have our first baby.

Then for over 25 Christmas's I received a bear each one is special because he took the time to pick them out.  Somehow each of them has made me feel closer to him.  Some have held many tears when he has been away, while others just make me feel loved.

So you know a secret and a little bit of my heart.


Christine said...

Love this story. I used to have many many bears but about a year ago I donated and gave away most of them. I've saved the special ones and the holiday ones. Your post makes me wish I would have kept more of them!!!

Debbie said...

I loved reading this!

(Smiling softly because I still cuddle my teddy bear when I need to, too. :) )

Fil said...

I'm smiling as I type - what a lovely post :)