Monday, August 05, 2013


What does flying mean to you?  What do you see when you think of flying?

Flying to me means soaring like an eagle or a hawk, high above things and being able to see across a vast place.  When I would feel broken I never felt I could see the big picture.  Years ago I read a blog post by Melody Ross and this weekend she just happened to do a little video about that post.  Please watch it HERE

When you face things with your children you want save them, it is human nature to protect our young.  There comes a time though, when your babies are pushed out of the nest or jump all on their own.  They fall and as a parent you take on their pain.  Your heart aches as you walk around your house feeling an emptiness unlike any you have felt before.  You go to the grocery store, you find yourself stopping, putting back that favorite something of theirs and buying less of what you once needed a lot of.  Then in that same moment, you brush away a tear.....another breath and an everlasting peace flows, knowing they are finding their way.  In that instant you begin to realize that just like them, you are learning to fly but just in a different way than before.   

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