Thursday, August 01, 2013

All things new

Music speaks to my soul.  Since I am starting an adventure this month with Effy Wild, blogging something each day, it feels natural to share my heart like this first.  Please click the highlighted words for links to videos.

I feel Worn

I feel as if I am broken in Ruins

I had almost forgotten who is in control of my life.  Who has given me the Freedom I have. 

I almost forgot that He always has His sight on me.

No more running or hiding this time.  I have things to say.  I am going to be Brave this month and say what I need to say.  No more silence because in the silence is where you die.

1 comment:

dawn burnside said...

Thank You Juel, these songs are amazing, & just what I needed to hear this early morning. I woke up with no BGClub daily truth in my e-mails, & so I used your blog & this magical music to be "my" daily truth. Thank you for being here.