Friday, August 02, 2013


As I sit here I wonder how many times I have sat in front of my computer screen over the past year.  Trying to let me fingers find the letters on the keys.(One of the best things I did one summer before I was in Junior High I learned how to type.)  I wanted each time to scream for help but then I questioned every word, deleted and walked away. 

I have said before that silence can kill you, it almost did.  It took a special young lady coming into my life to help me to see how much I had let the silence eat away at my life.  I had become complacent allowing negativity to take place in my heart and life.....not even believing I could choose happiness everyday.  I never wanted that but somewhere along the road you decide that silence is better than being hurt by other peoples words and actions.  What had changed my mind about talking?  Seeing a new person coming into your life and asking you with every ounce of respect, "Why do you allow this?"

So to this beautiful young lady, you know who you are.  You showed me what I had lost and needed to grieve over so I could embrace my Peace again.  I love you so much.  You my dear are a peacemaker.  Thank you for helping me to see what I should have seen all along.  It is because of what you have said that I am sitting in front of my computer screen allowing God to guide my fingers across the keys.  Be blessed my dear in knowing you are made for GREAT things!  Helping me was one of your GREAT things!  Keep doing GREAT things and I will see you soon then.

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