Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yesterday I needed a day of rest.  It was a big day, my oldest Granddaughter turned seven.  Time just keeps ticking away..  It shows up each day even when you don't want it to.  It even throws you curve balls.

My youngest daughter leaving was a curve ball, even though I could see and feel it coming.  The signs were there, her getting rid of things she had kept close for a long time.  I was seeing it happen but felt there was nothing I could do or say to make it better.  I honestly didn't feel as if I was giving up but letting her find her wings without her feeling like I was suffocating her.

When you are faced with something like this it would be easy to hold onto the words you hear.  You are mentally/emotionally abusive and you are a detriment to her healing, it changes you.  You then realize just like others that have come into your life, you must extend forgiveness.  The thing is she won't see it right away.  I NEVER want it to seem like I am invalidating her feelings because I am not.  I do believe she is not seeing what she is doing to others around her, the damage she is causing.

So today I say in this very public place of the Internet, I am calling on God's name, to break every chain.  I will dance in this fire and I WILL take back what the devil has stolen from me!  Jesus is my everlasting freedom and He has always promised me that He would redeem time that is stolen from me.  Today I am holding Him to this promise.       

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