Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A little bit of sunshine

For quite awhile now I have been praying for another kitten.  It has been pretty difficult to fight the urge since my son works at Pet Smart!  He sends me countless pictures of these precious babies and then comes home talking about them.(not to mention the puppies!!)  Every time he gets that Oh but they are so cute tone in his voice my husband says NO WAY!  NO MORE Kitties!  

We have 2 beautiful babies....Sneakers, a Light Grey Turkish Angora  and is 9 years old.  Then Archie short for Archimedes is a mix of some sort Dark Grey with White and is 6 years old.  They fight rough and tough some days.  Reminds me of the old cartoons that you see of two cats fighting and fur flying.  They are lovey and social.  I never met any other cats like them.

So when I visited the pet adoption place at my son's work over a month ago I saw this beautiful little girl kitten.  I told my husband but of course he coined his favorite word NO!  Then this past weekend he was picking up our son from work since his car is in the shop right now.  He saw her, without any prompting from me and fell in love.  He came home talking in a little boy voice, telling me about this cute little girl he saw and how she was playing with him.  Ah yes, little Margarita stole my husbands heart right then and there.  I went to the store Sunday night but the adoption center was already closed for the day.  She is a year old and a Turkish Angora with Green eyes.

So the day finally came that I never really thought would happen.  He said YES and yesterday I brought her home.  I am in love, she has stolen everyone's heart.  She is not hissing and growling much at her brothers now.  Late last night before I went to bed she crawled up onto my chest and started purring.  I think I may have wiped a few tears away, as I started to pet her and cuddle.  On a side note, when you have a one year old in the house everyone talks in funny voices!  lol    

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Cara said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congrats on your new family member!